Category: Week 2

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We Do Not Stop For Anybody

ENDURANCE WEEK 2: upscaling starts today. The duration of this workout is around 60-70 minutes. However, we still need to keep our patience and find the right pace.

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Creamy Mushroom Soup

COOK WEEKEND 2: The recipe is like burpees, as the beginning is hard, but then you warmup. The soup is earthy, creamy, rich and hot. Perfect after an outdoor training on a chilly day.

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Walking Deadlift

MUSCLE-UP WEEK 2: Atlas stones, massive logs, buckets full of dirt – how to prep for the back-cracking weight lifting and carry? After this workout, you will demonstrate a genuine talent for lurching like a zombie. There are so many walking dead films and tv shows that with the help of this workout you can always get a job.