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Spaghetti Bolognese With Beef Ragu

COOK WEEKEND 1: It is rich, it is funny, it is explosively flavourful. Spaghetti with the red sauce has a Mediterranean sense of humour.

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You Are a Rock

ENDURANCE WEEK 1: approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour. Even though you may doubt that 1-hour counts as an endurance training — wrong thinking –, we need to learn a lot about tactics and our energy system first.

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20 Nasty Kettlebells

MUSCLE-UP WEEK 1: The most unpleasant obstacles at the Spartan Races all involve carrying some kind of weights. Therefore, you do a great favour to yourself if you practice the fundamental weight lifting movements with a heavy load.

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Find Your Pace

RUN WEEK 1: Consider this first session as a test when we find our pace. We want to know what an intense but sustainable speed means, we want to experience what maxing-out feels like and we have to know how to recover for the next round without stopping.