Category: Weekly Training Programme

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Strong Grip, Strong Core, Strong Back

CONDITIONING WEEK 9:  Because if they were weak, you would injure yourself.

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Warm Up For Real Endurance

RUN WEEK 9: After the first and second blocks of the programme (weeks 1-8) we enter into a new territory where both the intensity and the duration of the sessions increase. This week’s run prepares you for them.

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7 Shoulder Stretches That Boost Your Weight Lifting

 MUSCLE-UP WEEK 8: The second deloading week strength session is dedicated to mobility. I personally have tight packs and stiff shoulders, which means bad technique and bad posture, which mean failing many exercises and exhausting myself way too early in MetCons. Muscle is not enough!

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Team Murph, The Perfect Inspiration For Any Athlete

CONDITIONING WEEK 8:  Have you seen the 2015 CrossFit Games documentary? For me, it reaches the climax when the fittest competitors of history fight their way through Murph, a mythological challenge in the suffocating Californian summer heat. True inspiration.