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Weightlifting champions

Are you a Jack, a Dame, a King, a Queen or an Ace?


THAT YOU NEED AN ASSESSMENT OF FITNESS,before you start any training program. Without assessment you cannot set your target, your pace, you don’t have a program – the only thing you probably have is an injury.

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The Slaughter of the Beast


WEEKS OF TRAINING AND COOKING TO BECOME UNSTOPPABLE, fearless and strong. You and I are Slaying the Beast.

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Here Is Your Personal Training And Cooking Programme


OU ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FIGHTER WITH SOPHISTICATED TASTING BUDS. You are a Jedi, a Warrior Princess, a Fighting Elf, Lagartha and Ragnar, Jack Sparrow, Beatrix Kiddo and the Inglorious Bastard. This is the 25-week Mission, the road to triumph with kettlebells and Belgian chocolate mousse.