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Build Strong Shoulders To Win Your Obstacle Race

 MUSCLE-UP WEEK 9: Every obstacle on a Spartan Race want to use your shoulders. Even during a run, you have your scapular muscles working.

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7 Shoulder Stretches That Boost Your Weight Lifting

 MUSCLE-UP WEEK 8: The second deloading week strength session is dedicated to mobility. I personally have tight packs and stiff shoulders, which means bad technique and bad posture, which mean failing many exercises and exhausting myself way too early in MetCons. Muscle is not enough!

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Never Fear The Uphill Run

 MUSCLE-UP WEEK 6: “QUAD THE F*CK!”, said the Roman general when he saw the army of Hannibal which had just crossed the Alps to attack the Eternal City. True, robust strength in the legs make the difference between winning and losing the war.

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Walking Deadlift

MUSCLE-UP WEEK 2: Atlas stones, massive logs, buckets full of dirt – how to prep for the back-cracking weight lifting and carry? After this workout, you will demonstrate a genuine talent for lurching like a zombie. There are so many walking dead films and tv shows that with the help of this workout you can always get a job.

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20 Nasty Kettlebells

MUSCLE-UP WEEK 1: The most unpleasant obstacles at the Spartan Races all involve carrying some kind of weights. Therefore, you do a great favour to yourself if you practice the fundamental weight lifting movements with a heavy load.