Strong Grip, Strong Core, Strong Back

CONDITIONING WEEK 9:  Because if they were weak, you would injure yourself.

Weight carrying is exactly the opposite of office work. During the working hours, we are sitting in our chairs curving our back, which means that our back and core muscles rot in corporate hell. Very bad. Also the perfect path to injury.

DIFC Fine Cut 720p final from Business Reporter Film and Video on Vimeo.

DIFC Fine Cut 720p final from Business Reporter Film and Video on Vimeo.

So let’s reverse this and carry some weight.

  • Intensity: Moderate/High/Extreme
  • Volume: Light/Heavy/It’s a Joke 
  • Strategy: Pace It/Max-out/Mixed 


Video Instructions

Team Workout

Individual Workout

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Targets & Punishments

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Video Instructions

Team Workout

Work in pairs for the time. You will visit four stations, and each station has an object:

  • Station 1: 9-kg Medball
  • Station 2: Box (on which you jump)
  • Station 3: 2 x 16 kg / 35 lbs Kettlebells
  • Station 4: 12 kg Slam Ball

Each team takes the object of any station and

  1. runs 800 metres / 0.5 mile, after that
  2. performs 100 reps od a specific exercise with the object, after which
  3. rests for 2 minutes.

This is one station, and all teams repeat this with the next station and next object.

Exercises to perform:

  • Station 1: 100 Wall Balls
  • Station 2: 100 Box Jumps
  • Station 3: 100 Kettlebell Swings
  • Station 4: 100 Ball Slams

So, your team starts at Station 1 by grabbing the 9kg Medball and running 800 metres. You can share the medball as you want: you can swap every 100 metres, or every 200 metres, it is your personal preference how you deal with the medball curse.

When you are back: perform 100 Wall Balls – again, share as you want.

Then take 2 minutes to rest.

And start the next station, following the same pattern.

And so on…

Individual Workout

Same as above, except:

  • the distance shortens to 400 metres / 0.25 mile;
  • the number of reps falls to 50;
  • the resting time increases to 3 minutes.


Check out the assessment post in this blog before you start.

Dames and Jacks: 45+ minutes

Queens and Kings: 35-45 minutes

Aces: less than 35 minutes

Bon Appétit for the dinner in hell!