Build Strong Shoulders To Win Your Obstacle Race

 MUSCLE-UP WEEK 9: Every obstacle on a Spartan Race want to use your shoulders. Even during a run, you have your scapular muscles working.

Weight lifting is a spectacular exercise in a gym, and a useful one, but not enough for everything. Pull-ups, Toes-to-Bars and Monkey Bars need flexible but strong shoulders that can take the whole bodyweight hanging and swinging. Barb wire crawls, push-ups, bucket carry, tire flipping or log flipping need a different strength and movement. We mix these shoulder cracking exercises today.Make sure you have spent time on warming up your shoulders and packs.

  • Intensity: Moderate / High/ Extreme
  • Volume: Light / Heavy/ You are kidding with me
  • Strategy: Pace it / Max-out / Mixed


Video instructions


Tactics and Targets

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Your full training program

Video Instructions


Make sure you have spent time on warming up your shoulders and packs. Hang 30-40 seconds from a bar, stretch your shoulders carefully, do a few explosive push-ups and pull-ups.

MetCon: 25-minute AMRAP

  • 2×10-metre Inch Warm
  • 5 Monkey Bar
  • 2×10-metre Bear Crawl
  • 10 Rope Pull-ups


Your full training program

Cheeky exercise: at the beginning, you may feel that it would be easy and inspired to turn up the intensity – well, don’t. Choose a healthy pace and wait until you reach the second 10-metre Inch Warm. Your shoulders will start burning suddenly, but you do not want to let muscle fatigue take over.


Dames / Jacks: 3+ rounds

Queens / Kings: 4+ rounds

Aces: 5+ rounds

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Bon appétit for the dinner in hell!