Team Murph, The Perfect Inspiration For Any Athlete

CONDITIONING WEEK 8:  Have you seen the 2015 CrossFit Games documentary? For me, it reaches the climax when the fittest competitors of history fight their way through Murph, a mythological challenge in the suffocating Californian summer heat. True inspiration.

The three-four-minute episode in the documentary says that Murph – a combination of running, pull-ups, push-ups and air squats with a weight vest – can break even the best. At the end of the scene, the athletes fall on the ground, roll around half unconscious and beg for shadow and water.

Watching this scene was a breaking point for me. I felt the perverse inspiration that told me that the Gothic inferno on the screen was the measure of strength and the catharsis of the brave. Of course, we are mostly inspired by the images of dynamic movements and triumphant war cries, but seeing this survival, watching how these superheroes cross the finish line of Murph and beat the unbeatable grow the massive roots of ambition much deeper than any other images.

If you feel the same then you will have no problem with this whole 25-week training problem.

  • Intensity: Moderate/High/Extreme
  • Volume: Light/Heavy/It’s a Joke 
  • Strategy: Pace It/Max-out/Mixed 


Video Instructions

Team Workout

Individual Workout

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Targets & Punishments

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Video Instructions

Team Workout

Each team has a 9 kg (=20 lbs) and a 6 kg (=14 lbs) medball.

  • Run 1 mile – all of you, the humanoids and the medballoids – you can pass around the medball as many times as you want.
  • 100 Pull-ups – share as you want.
  • 200 Push-ups – share as you want.
  • 300 Air Squats – share as you want, but whoever is squatting must hold the 9 kg medball as well.
  • Run 1 mile – again, take your balls with you.

Individual Workout

Check out the assessment post in this blog before you start.

For Aces:

  • Perform the Team Workout alone

For Dames, Jacks, Queens and Kings:

  • Run 1 mile with the 9 kg (=20 lbs) medball
  • 50 Pull-ups – share as you want
  • 100 Push-ups – share as you want
  • 150 Air Squats –  must hold the 9 kg medball as well.
  • Run 1 mile – again, take your ball with you


Dames and Jacks: 45+ minutes

Queens and Kings: 35-45 minutes

Aces: less than 55-60 minutes (don’t forget, Aces perform the whole Team exercise alone and do not have the chance even to pass the medball over during the run)

Bon Appétit for the dinner in hell!