Here Is Your Personal Training And Cooking Programme


OU ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FIGHTER WITH SOPHISTICATED TASTING BUDS. You are a Jedi, a Warrior Princess, a Fighting Elf, Lagartha and Ragnar, Jack Sparrow, Beatrix Kiddo and the Inglorious Bastard. This is the 25-week Mission, the road to triumph with kettlebells and Belgian chocolate mousse.


Before You Start

Full Training Programme

Days in a Week

Weeks in a Month

Why are we slaughtering the Beast?

Because that is for what Beasts are existing. If you do not know what it means to you and why you cannot punch your employer in the face with a fish, even though it would make the world a better place, check this post about our Mission.

Before we start

Our levels of fitness are different, our goals are different. You must

  • decide what you would like to achieve, what is your Beast, so we know how far we go on this mission, and
  • understand how fit you are, so from what distance we travel.

You can easily decide the first alone, but definitely run a self-assessment before you start your training. Check out this self-assessment session as all sessions in this program need interpretation. Without a self-assessment you have no targets, you have no training plan, no measure of success. If you skip this step the best case scenario is a depressing failure, the probable scenario is an injury.

If you start with a self-assessment you have a rock solid training programme, a clear measure of success, rapid progress and most importantly: you stay healthy.

Full Training Programme

I post every session and share

  • the exercises;
  • tools needed for the exercises;
  • distances, weights, the number of reps, calories etc. – all the volumes that we must perform;
  • tactics that I learn from my coaches.

Because we all have our own Beast and Mission, I share also the interpretation of each workout. Depending on where you start (level of fitness) and how far you go (target) you can pick the right volume that fits your purpose. The structure and content is always the same, only the volumes vary.

Days in a week – What are we training for?

Every week has sessions dedicated to strength and speed, mobility and technique, conditioning and endurance. The general pattern in a week is this:

  • Monday – Mobility and Rest
  • Tuesday – Endurance
  • Wednesday – Conditioning
  • Thursday – Strength and Technique
  • Friday – Strength and Technique
  • Saturday – Mobility and Rest
  • Sunday – Endurance

Again, you need to interpret the above weekly schedule, as this structure suits my life and work.

Only rule: make sure that you have a day rest before and after the Endurance sessions. Resting, when your body is recovering from the stress, is an active part of your program just like push-ups or stretches.

Weeks in a month – How are we mastering our Mission?

We increase distances, weights, intensity and the overall pressure every week. But we do it with science – and just like the resting days during the weeks, we have resting weeks during a month:

  • On week 1, 2, 3 – we work hard and increase pressure;
  • on week 4 – we are deloading: decreasing pressure for a week when we work without pushing the limits.

Bon Appétit for the dinner in hell, where the training is tough and the food is brilliant!