The Slaughter of the Beast


WEEKS OF TRAINING AND COOKING TO BECOME UNSTOPPABLE, fearless and strong. You and I are Slaying the Beast.


The Slaughter of the Beast

Before You Start

Full Training Programme

Days in a Week

Weeks in a Month

My fellow Foodies and Foodettes!

Follow me during the next 25 weeks of training to become unstoppable, fearless and strong. Our objective is The Slaughter of the Beast. You can choose your own Beast: it can be a 5-kilometer run, a 10-kilometer obstacle race or losing 5 kilogrammes. Whatever you choose, in this blog you find great exercises, rock solid structure, advice from professional coaches, and customised workouts.

You will be a Jedi, a Warrior Princess, a Fighting Elf, Lagartha and Ragnar, Jack Sparrow, Beatrix Kiddo and the Inglorious Bastard.

Mine is called the Spartan Ultra Beast. A 42-kilometer (26-mile) trail run through mountains and valleys with 50 or more obstacles. The obstacles are: carrying heavy stuff, like a piece of rock; climbing high and over tall stuff, like ropes and walls; and fighting with the elements, like swimming across a really cold lake. All these are covered and surrounded by mud.

…when you know that
nothing can stop you,
you are fearless…

The Slaughter of the Beast is great fun. Much better than working. Or eating healthy. Not as much fun as punching some of your colleagues in the face with a fish, but that would be illegal. You will know that nothing can stop you; that you can always stand up for one more burpee and that you can always snatch 5 more kilogrammes – if not this week, then next week, you certainly can. And when you know that nothing can stop you, you are fearless and liberated.

It is adrenalized freedom.

Also we cook not too healthy food that makes us happy.

Before we start

We must know where we are, how fit we feel. Make sure that you check out this self-assessment session as all sessions in this program need interpretation. You must stay healthy, so misjudging your capabilities, choosing the wrong workload could harm you. If you find a workout that you have never done before, consult a professional trainer!

Full Training Programme

Days in a week

Every week has sessions dedicated to strength and speed, mobility and technique, conditioning and endurance. The general pattern in a week is this:

  • Monday – Mobility and Rest
  • Tuesday – Endurance
  • Wednesday – Conditioning
  • Thursday – Strength and Technique
  • Friday – Strength and Technique
  • Saturday – Mobility and Rest
  • Sunday – Endurance

Feel free to change the order, this schedule is customised to my work and personal life. However, make sure that you have a day rest before and after the Endurance training. Resting, when your body is recovering from the stress, is an active part of your program just like push-ups or stretches.

Weeks in a month

We increase distances, weights, intensity and the overall pressure every week. But we do it with science – and just like the resting days during the weeks, we have resting weeks during a month:

  • On week 1, 2, 3 – we work hard and increase pressure;
  • on week 4 – we are deloading: decreasing pressure for a week, when we work without pushing the limits.

Bon Appétit for the dinner in hell, where the training is tough and the food is brilliant!